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Our mother company was established in 2011, incorporated in the Republic of South Africa. The company, which was managed by an individual person, which initially build process plants for the coal, diamond and gold industry.

Due to established relationships within the industry, our focus transitioned as we identified the need for supply of various commodities.

Using our expertise of Coal, Manganese and Gold we quickly grew into a company that can compete with the international commodity buyers and sellers. We continue to develop innovative processes to reach new markets, by our depth knowledge of our customers needs as well as exceptionally well-trained staff.

We pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service, by establishing trustworthy relationships though customer satisfaction, efficiency, strong work ethic, integrity, honesty and adding value to our customers core business dealings. We always ensure that our services are safe, reliable, economical and cost effective.

All our staff training is always kept up to date in order to ensure quick efficient and informed service delivery. We pride ourselves with our well-trained staff with excellent peoples always skills in order to keep our customers informed. Coal Consulting as well as all our employees adapts our expertise and knowledge to evolve with the changing markets, to ensure excellent customer service.

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